Wednesday, October 14, 2015

sometimes i wish i had done some blogging when the blogging world was the big thing so .... i did make some progress on the mcjTransport front, and like everyday i hope i complete (get rid of ) it today ! the one feature i wanted to improve or fix is the "Z Steer" option which is like the 'roll' of an airplane, it lets you "fly" parallel to a montaneous terrain ( like a foot/ankle for example )

here you can see one of the tests

as long as a tube path doesn't go perfectly straight up, i think it works for any angle/direction

Monday, October 5, 2015

where were we where were we ? the wall mounted lamp
- add morphs to the mounting plate and i'll stop there !
so we can return to the A3 fishnets
then the A3 studded high heel sandals
then the robotic arm
then the isosurface/metaballz

Friday, October 2, 2015

list of project backlog

1 - finalize the high heel studded sandals for Aiko3

2- finalize the robotic arm prop using the new bracket prop

3 - improve the mcjIsoSurface plugin for IRay
and add more FX

4 - Improve mcjTeleBlender3 and manual, tutorials, tests
5 - Update my site Indexes and fix bad/dead URLs
6 - complete the midi kit
7 - Bullet physics .... plugin?
8 - complete Kinect facial mocap
9- complete Kinect body mocap
10- Arduino interface potentiometer based mocap/control
11- OpenGL water,  mirrors/Portals, GLSL, AmbientOcclusion, Bump maps
12 - mcjTeleBlender Live mode
13 - that sort of live mcjAutoLimb script
14 - publish the mcjAutoLimb standalone
15 - Make 4 Youtube videos per month