Monday, August 17, 2015

i finally updated my freebies site's What's New Page! 26 new freebies for a total of about 320!

Furniture ArchitectureNewmcjmegamoldpackA TON of morphing molding props
Music Audio VisualNewmcjbassHalf-Hollow Fretless Electic Bass
Music Audio VisualNewmcjbassampspkr1950's style Bass Amp and Spkr
TutorialsNewFixing AniMate Walkusing mostly mcjCycleFilter to fix an AniMate walk animation with high heels
ScriptNewanywhereintheworldobtain spherical/equirectangular panoramas from google streetView
ScriptNewmcjcollartoshldrtransfer Collar rotations to the Shldrs
ScriptNewmcjcopyposeanimcopy pose from one figure to another
ScriptNewmcjfreezethingsmake scene objects they stay put
ScriptNewmcjmakeheadcamadd a camera to a figure's head
Music Audio VisualNewmcjmidivuPiano Keyboard like prop to preview Midi Music
ScriptNewmcjmirrormorphcreates a mirrored morph
ScriptNewmcjpathtubecreate a tube along the path of a node
ScriptNewmcjselectcurrentcamselect the currently active camera
ScriptNewmcjsharethemtllets many obj files share the same mtl file
ScriptNewpp2exporterds4Duke533's Poser Prop Exporter Updated for DS4
ScriptNewmcjsphericalcamCreate spherical panoramas for Iray and Blender and everything
PluginsNewmcjisosurface4IRay renderable metaballs and blobby metathings
Various PropsNewmcjskysphereenvironment sphere for 360 degrees panoramas
Furniture ArchitectureNewmcjbookcasesVery versatile Book Cases Morphing
Furniture ArchitectureNewmcjslidewall04by10Morphable grid wall prop, or shelves!
Furniture ArchitectureNewmcjtrimedaldoorandwallLuxury door and wall morphing props
Music Audio VisualNewmcjgibgitbSecond version of the Gib Git with finger guard
Music Audio VisualNewmcjbookshelfspeakerHiFi Bookshelf speakers that sound great
ClothesNewmcja4rainbootsCute bootsies fit almost anyone!

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