Friday, September 11, 2015

UPDATE - mcjTeleBlender v3.12 - UPDATE - mcjTeleBlender v3.12 - UPDATE - mcjTeleBlender v3.12 - UPDATE

only the mcjteleblender3 script needs to be updated,
not mcjBlendBot the blender python script kit

when using some shaders like iRay mcjTeleBlender would fail due to the way the Normal maps are treated
but now mcjTeleBlender is more intelligent and can see through them shennanigans!

note that using DSDefault shader on everything in your scene increases your chances of success with mcjTeleBlender
using any other shader has no benefit

if you use mcjTeleBlender3 in TB2/legacy mode, you may be interested in using the little shader pack right .... here 

if you have trouble downloading mcjTeleBlender3 from googlesites or are in a hurry - direct link to the zip file

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