Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maybe i could make a sort of counter, the number of consecutive days when i dont skip blogging, let do that, it's called the

CDWSB : 1 ( consecutive days without skipping blogging )


I "monetized" my YouTube videos, which means i'll get a percentage of revenues for ads plastered on my YouTube videos.

I removed 20 or 30 of my videos that had contested music tracks, Youtube allowed them but monetized them and gave the profits to the claimants ... i didn't really know about that part of the deal.

Jamendo went full commercial and if they still have Creative Commons Licensed music, well they hide them pretty deep. I used to get music for my videos there

For now i'll use and (re) check cc-mixter

Here's the first video i re-uploaded, after changing the music track
which was relatively easy in this case

It's also a demonstration of a free script for Daz Studio which lets you render looping animations from the point of view of a non looping camera - Basically it lets you make a 4 minutes video from 1 1 second long looping dance move


oh and i started a daily renders sequence on my deviantArt channel

so i'll make a habit of posting them here too and get many CDWSBs !

The Messenger

when i did that i was thinking about the song The Messenger by Daniel Lanois ( he was/is? producer for U2 )

The pyramid and the rings are meant to be a sort of tranmiter or receiver .... well it could be a transceiver you never know :) And her dance is a message received or transmitted  .... well it could be a transceived you never know :)

the 3840x2080 version of this image is here

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