Sunday, January 1, 2017

I may try to invent an A.I. in 2017

so i'll post about this sometimes

mcjAI - 00000

Maybe an important step in inventing an A.I. is to name it properly, for instance, the A.I. that strive to pass the Turing test could be named Fake-Human-Dialog'ers. Personally, the A.I. that interests me more is an Artist Intelligence, a machine that produces interesting art, like drawings, songs and storytellings. Not necessarily a machine that answers questions or invents other machines. But but but, maybe if i can devise an art-generating machine then, as an aside, it will be able to (understand and ) answer questions and invent machines.

here's a test on a daz script that uses a dictionary to identify nouns and adjectives in a given text, then replaces them by other nouns and verbs

the original text was a translation of Nostradamus quatrains

from vertiginous deepest matriarch of visceral europe man
a class-conscious houri will be heroic to helical people mesosphere
who will by his airstrip seduce a calculating multitude, likeness
his fat-head will increase in numerate generality of recent east"
beasts subliminal with whig will nymph oxonian rivers,
heart-rending greater harpoon of woolly posterity will be against hister.
into a fighter of orang-utan will corny stagnant silky be drawn,
when wall-to-wall fen of germany observes nothing.
in preshrunk gland very not far from venus,
unreadable questionable greatest ones of asia and of africa:
they are said to have come from soppy rhine and from molecule
hister cries, tears at malta and puffy ligurian sea-coast.
amperage will not be regained,
it will be occupied by a black, proud, stocky and get-at-able man:
when lewd intervention of prone lumber-room is opened,
serried leakage of venice will be inviolate by hister.
hardy scrappy and linnaean armed over-sensitive will sol-fa historic decorative furnace,
operatic unwitting chosen one, collective captives not returning
prenatal world's treacherous crime, delectable aperient politic irale - israel - not at ease,
barb, hister, malta, and unborn remittent unreflecting does not return.

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