Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New ideas for an A.I.

Stupid idea that gave rise to this

while trying to adapt the Bresenham line algorithm for the firmware of a CNC machine ( 2 stepper motors ) i was thinking "it would be a good thing to really understand the principle Bresenham founded this on. I think it's called "accumulation of error"


i would add that the "auto-correction" phase is the other important cog of that machine


then i thought, simple machinations of this type could be the base for my A.I.


then i thought in a way solving a problem is just re-stating the question, or rather the object at the center of this question. Among the infinity(?) of ways to restate it, we want to pick the re-stating that satisfies the questioner ... or ... pick the restating that

for example, the question "what is the universe?"

we determine the object of the question is "the universe"

we presume there are many ways to restate "the universe"

- something big
- something we live in
- something humans think it is
- something infinite
- something eternal
- something finite

then it gets complicated


since i want to stay on simplicity-road  ...


 i'll just keep in mind the idea of  re-stating ( paraphrasing, tautologies, vérité de la Palice  etc )

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