Monday, July 20, 2015

Long ago Duke533 published a script that exports objects in Daz Studio as props
then JWAS84 updated it to work in Daz Studio3
it's the script i use to make all the props on my site
But it really didnt work in DS>4.5
so today i fixed it !

or if you have trouble downloading the zip file at google-site
here's a direct link to the zip file
using this script, you select the root node of a prop in a daz studio scene, run the script and you obtain a  Poser compatible prop

note 1 : the geometry ( the objects that make up your prop ) must be primitives or imported OBJ files for which you own the copyrights

note 2 : the script hides everything in the scene and exports the prop elements one by one,
if there's something else in your scene with locked nodes the script will fail to make it invisible
and that something will be exported as many times as there are props elements
thereby making your prop unusable and possibly containing stuff you're not allowed to distribute

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