Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yesterday i repaired the mcjPhysicsClient

Today i'll make a "big test"
Azura will scoop the 28 marbles then ... well it's a teaser not a spoiler !!!

Oh and the scoops are in fact 14 planes each, and i made all those faces "Physical/Kinetic" using mcjPhysicsClient
so their animated positions will be transmitted to the Bullet Physics simulation engine
the Louis-XV desk surface is Physical/Static so the marbles wont fall down into infinity
the marbles are Physical/Dynamic, so they'll get pushed around, like poor Nixon marbles , as if they were crooks ! 

Well so far it seems the Animated (kinetic) physics doesnt work very well

what works well is the static objects: floors and walls, inclined planes, conduits

and dynamic objects like balls that roll ( and bounce?) on walls
more like "ricochet on walls probably

i'll leave the Bullet Physics project back in "Teaser" mode, which is like Beta

because there's a whole lot of other projects waiting in line ! the backburner is full !

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  1. Oh I was trying 2 say HUH 2 this not Pluto LOL LOL LOL