Sunday, July 12, 2015

yay, 1 post a day !

build it and they will come

... they said

... in the movie

New script !

Similar to mcjAutoLimb, but it will work with anything !


1 - you select a target, for example, a null node near a door handle

2 - you select a targeter, (a bit like an arrow head ), example, Victoria6's index tip

3 - you select the rotator, example, Victoria6's shoulder

note: the Rotator could also be, her foreArm, her Collarbone, her chest, her abdomen, her hip, her root node, a node she's parented to !

4 - you select the range of frames to process, example, the whole play-range

5 - you click the GO button and bam, the script oriented the shoulder bone so that the shoulder to index line points at the target, for the whole range of frames specified !

( i hope you did not miss the release of the free niceiful door and wall prop shown here !!! )

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