Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's blog !

making mcjIsoSurface fully IRAY renderable, including animations

Thursday, July 30, 2015

skin tone (hardware render even! )
see kpop singer and Korean actress Han Sunhwa

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

today's blog which counts as today's blog
shows i worked on the moulding corners
up/down/left/right turns

i should weave in Amy in those pics
so i could reuse them at DA

also it's Cyma not Cima

well i'm not much of a blogger so far

here's the pic that counts as the tuesday post

it's a remake of an image i made when completing the modeling of mcjA3Leo3i

Monday, July 27, 2015

and this counts as Monday's Blog, since it's actually Monday''

just adding existing prop
except the wall board bottom includes a special corner moulding
and i may write a script to make others

This counts as my Sunday blog, yes it does :)

apron modeling

Saturday, July 25, 2015

new peach and building a dress from 3 dresses
skater skirt, bodycon, Idol blouse

Friday, July 24, 2015

Amy the peachy maid

a new morphing prop

for Japanese style sliding walls/doors

Monday, July 20, 2015

Long ago Duke533 published a script that exports objects in Daz Studio as props
then JWAS84 updated it to work in Daz Studio3
it's the script i use to make all the props on my site
But it really didnt work in DS>4.5
so today i fixed it !

or if you have trouble downloading the zip file at google-site
here's a direct link to the zip file
using this script, you select the root node of a prop in a daz studio scene, run the script and you obtain a  Poser compatible prop

note 1 : the geometry ( the objects that make up your prop ) must be primitives or imported OBJ files for which you own the copyrights

note 2 : the script hides everything in the scene and exports the prop elements one by one,
if there's something else in your scene with locked nodes the script will fail to make it invisible
and that something will be exported as many times as there are props elements
thereby making your prop unusable and possibly containing stuff you're not allowed to distribute
Oops i skipped a blogging day

yesterday, i posted pics at DA, now 300!

i did work a bit on the mcjAimAnim script

enough test to notice that if an arm starts with all XYZ rotations at 0 degrees, the aiming task works perfectly - Instead of using the getWSRot().getXAxis() function to get a given joint rotation axis ( hinge ) i'll have the arm make a tiny X Rotation and compute the X axis using the cross product
between the initial limb vector and the tweaked limb vector

Saturday, July 18, 2015

well  i didnt do the mcjAimAnim script but i posted images at D.A.
so there

that's from when i was writing a tube-shrinker script

Friday, July 17, 2015

i'll put on 'paper' the list of projects i want to do, and see if that helps me go through them faster or enjoyablinglier

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh my oh my oh my the "big" 30 frames test worked !
at 10 fps the results were not as good
at 30 fps it's better

well actually after that the life of the marbles becomes tragic
but i think it's not really a bug
one just has to replace the "bounding boxes" used as stand-ins for the scoops with  meshes

Yesterday i repaired the mcjPhysicsClient

Today i'll make a "big test"
Azura will scoop the 28 marbles then ... well it's a teaser not a spoiler !!!

Oh and the scoops are in fact 14 planes each, and i made all those faces "Physical/Kinetic" using mcjPhysicsClient
so their animated positions will be transmitted to the Bullet Physics simulation engine
the Louis-XV desk surface is Physical/Static so the marbles wont fall down into infinity
the marbles are Physical/Dynamic, so they'll get pushed around, like poor Nixon marbles , as if they were crooks ! 

Well so far it seems the Animated (kinetic) physics doesnt work very well

what works well is the static objects: floors and walls, inclined planes, conduits

and dynamic objects like balls that roll ( and bounce?) on walls
more like "ricochet on walls probably

i'll leave the Bullet Physics project back in "Teaser" mode, which is like Beta

because there's a whole lot of other projects waiting in line ! the backburner is full !

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

i repaired the Client part of my Bullet Physics engine for Daz Studio

after, kinda wasting a bit of time creating a 64-bit version of the server

it can do wonders !

but there's manuals to read ... so not many takers

Amy Mercury
( or Amy Iodyne )

well yesterday i didnt finish the mcjAimAnim

but i found out information which will help me in the future

notably: the getXAxis() function in DS4 ( maybe DS3 too ) returns non-normalized vectors

the getAngleTo() function returns absolute value of the rotation angle

this function here seems to work

let vn = Q.getXAxis()

v1 and v2 have been projected on the XAxis (normal) plane

we want to rotate v1 around the X axis until it's oriented like v2

this seems to work

function getAngleTo( v1, v2, vn )
 var ca = v2 );
 var angle = Math.acos( ca );
 cp = v1.cross( v2 );
 if( cp ) < 0 ) 
  angle = -angle;
 return( angle );

then we add this angle to the joint's XRotation ( Euler ) angle 
function rotateX( t, limbRoot, currnt, wanted  )


 var axis = limbRoot.getWSRot( t ).getXAxis();

 var a = degrees * rotate( axis, t, limbRoot, currnt, wanted  );

 var ctl = limbRoot.getXRotControl();

 ctl.setValue( t, ctl.getValue( t ) + a );


function rotate( axis, t, limbRoot, currnt, wanted  )


 //todo it's a vector we project on the plane, 

 //make sure we do this properly

 currnt = projectPointOnPlane( currnt, axis );

 wanted = projectPointOnPlane( wanted, axis );

 var a = getAngleTo( currnt, wanted, axis );

 return( a );


function projectPointOnPlane( p, n )


 n = n.normalized();

 var t = n );

 var v = new DzVec3( p.x - t * n.x,  p.y - t * n.y, p.z - t * n.z );

 return( v );


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pluto sent a love note back to Earth via . This is the last image taken before today's .

Ok today it's true i'll finish the mcjAimAnim script

you select a target, ex: a statue
you select a targeter, ex: an index finger
you select a Rotator, ex: a shoulder

the script will reorient the Rotator until the index finger points at the statue

Monday, July 13, 2015

Well in the end i worked on that bodycon ( and body )
it's very adjustable, dozens of morphs
though if i re-use it or publish it, there will be a lot more morphs

modeled after the WeatherWoman Yanet Garcia

Yesterday my PC got extra slow, i suspect it was due to Hard Disk getting too hot, up to 48°C

i didn't complete the mcjAimAnim script but will do today!

and i started the metadata project, located here:

you could call it an art project


and since every blog post needs an image ! here's one ... lets see ...
the pose and composition is not really mine it's from an ad in the 2013 Ali Express catalog
keywords : cheongsam, qipao, cosplay, Ali Express

Sunday, July 12, 2015

yay, 1 post a day !

build it and they will come

... they said

... in the movie

New script !

Similar to mcjAutoLimb, but it will work with anything !


1 - you select a target, for example, a null node near a door handle

2 - you select a targeter, (a bit like an arrow head ), example, Victoria6's index tip

3 - you select the rotator, example, Victoria6's shoulder

note: the Rotator could also be, her foreArm, her Collarbone, her chest, her abdomen, her hip, her root node, a node she's parented to !

4 - you select the range of frames to process, example, the whole play-range

5 - you click the GO button and bam, the script oriented the shoulder bone so that the shoulder to index line points at the target, for the whole range of frames specified !

( i hope you did not miss the release of the free niceiful door and wall prop shown here !!! )

Saturday, July 11, 2015

another render of the

Sorry i skipped a blog day ! though i was hyperactive on Deviantart, i now have 68 images !

and today ...

The splendificient mcjTriMedalDoorAndWall prop

What's in it?

Two Stone blocks walls, two frames, two doors, two handles

each part contains many morphs, so you'll want to check that out in the parameters tab!

The floor, ceiling and lamp are not included, they are just primitive planes and cylinders

it's based on a wedding dresses magazine image

i'll give you the google search keywords ...

Download it here

or if you didnt find the "little blue arrow"

here's a directlink to the zip file

Thursday, July 9, 2015

looks like Daz's new forum stopped supporting animated gifs
it's really sad for people like me who create things for animators

but lets see if i can cross-post this gif ...

for an upcoming script

the idea is this : you select a hand, run a script, a null node appears at the position of the hand
now, each time someone moves the null node, a mysterious entity ( a callback ) re-poses the arm so that the hand
reaches the target

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8 ! nice day

lets make a new script for Daz Studio animators

we created an animation, and we'd like the hand to follow this path

but we'd like it to move at a constant speed because it looks more gracious

i should say speed, not velocity

and there you have it

speed, not velocity

now comes the hard part where i have to make it usable for anyone and any situation

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

i want to add a post per day so ... today ... just an old render, i have a lot of those but i'll post good ones, i wont throw uninteresting stuff ! at least that's the plan

xmas 2011, BlenderCycles render

Monday, July 6, 2015

new simple script for Daz Studio 1, 2, 3, 4

it  removes animation on everything in a scene except the figures

to avoid rendering animations only to find out the furniture floating around

here -->

and i'll add a big unrelated image because that's what the internet is made for

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Daz Studio IRay, close-up render on the new bookshelf speaker, i may add the special screws they have on the real-life speakers

Released !

( didnt add screws )

Saturday, July 4, 2015

new Polk bookshelf speakers because i wanted to see more sun from the window and the $50000 speakers were blocking it, but there's too much light on that side

Daz Studio IRay render 
a Direct Light for the sun
3 Point Lights
Three more book cases right here !

Friday, July 3, 2015

Poser props compatible with Daz Studio of course
The Book shelves are in fact collections of up to 12 mcjPlank props
each shelf has 7 morphs tor resizing purposes
and to adjust the edge sharpness
150 quad/facets per shelf ... because it looks good even in close-ups and doesn’t suffer from darkening defects in renders

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Daz Studio Script To Render Scenes as Environment Spheres

A new Free Script for Daz Studio 3 and 4 ( soon 1 and 2 too )

it animates a camera, usually 72 or 128 frames

this covers the whole 360° x 180° field of view around the camera

then using my special PC/Win app named mcjSqueeze

and the Imagemagick montage.exe utility

it creates Spherical/Equirectangular environment sphere textures !!

You then apply this to Blender's Environment sphere, or in Daz Studio, to one of the huge spheres i give you - i suggest you use the 128x128 facets one.

I also included camera animation export to Poser, Carrara and Blender

though Blender Cycles does have a Camera setting that lets you render this in one shot without the need for all those shennanigans

Maybe i'll try to have 1 image per day, new one or old one

Today, a top i'm modeling for Amy/Aiko3-standard body

BlenderCycles render of a DazStudio3 scene, Amy/Aiko3

How do i do this!? Using the free script for Daz Studio mcjTeleBlender3

Skin Settings in Daz Studio

Diffuse Color,  [ 205, 161, 143 ] 
Diffuse Color Texture: texture : Aiko3BodyMLo.jpg"
Diffuse Strength, 0.75
Glossiness, 0.476085
Specular Color,  [ 87, 87, 87 ] );
Specular Strength, 0.28481 ]
Ambient Color,  [ 255, 255, 255 ] );
Ambient Strength, 0.3  

World/Environment : Hotel Lookout 
 non-commercial use only

Wednesday, July 1, 2015